Preferred partner for initial assembly (OEM)

“Extreme product focus enables a client-oriented strategy”

Striving for the most compact design possible and weighing up the consequences for wear resistance, maintenance and chain system life is crucial for many initial assembly departments. This consideration is becoming increasingly complex because the number of product variations continues to increase due to new possibilities in the field of, for example, material, finishing or composition. Donghua provides first assembly departments with both the engineering knowledge and the specialist production capacity to implement this as early as in the design phase. It goes without saying that European standards and regulations are central to all our processes.



Owing to our focus on chain solutions for mechanical drives, Donghua International can collaborate with you as a co-development partner on the optimal solution for your challenge or application. This means that we look beyond the combination of chain and sprocket to consider the entire drive chain and place the solution in the perspective of manufacturing at the same time. This way you can be sure that you not only choose the optimal solution but also that it can be manufactured within your requirements and constraints.


Production Capabilities

Our production capacity and processes are fully geared to the wishes and needs of initial assembly departments and machine builders. We control all production of all individual components, including, for example, moulds, and are therefore able to offer an unrivalled price-performance ratio in the market. As such, we provide the first assembly with the strength necessary to actually implement innovations.


Quality and Innovation

The delivery of consistent quality is central to all our processes, from engineering to production and delivery. Depending on your requirements, our standardized quality control can be extended with a wide range of tests and measuring moments. This ensures that we can guarantee your desired quality standard. Our production and location in Alkmaar are certified according to ISO 9001-2015.