Interdisciplinary teams to find the best solutions
A workforce of 400 technicians and engineers in genuine proof of our belief in quality and innovation. All of our specialists are well grounded in day-to-day, real-world practice, working in sales, marketing, development, production, quality assurance and controlling. In addition to their technical know-how and experience, we also put great emphasis on their creativity and flexibility. Our best employees are regulary grouped into innovation teams that we can call on to handle specifice customer projects. What is more, we regularly regroup these teams to ensure on the one hand that our customers are provided with the best custom solution for their particular requirements and onthe other hands to promote a culure of constant optimisation throughout our company.

From the real world for the real world
This knowledge pool provides us with a constant flow of good ideas from all fields – CAD, materials testing, metal finishing, specification, mechanical engineering, prototype construction, test-bench testing, controlling and marketing. This is our concept for continous optimisation with the aim of promoting customer orientation, speed and efficency.