10B-1 OR Donghua O-ring drive chain

Donghua O-ring drive chains offer better wear resistance, better fatigue resistance and a higher precision than our standard range. The superior quality, durability and outstanding wear and fatigue resistance are realized by an O-ring design between inner and outer plates, solid bushes, solid rollers and a special, highly sophisticated, long lasting lubricant. The O-rings and/or X-rings keep the dust and pollution outside the pin/bush area and the long lasting lubricant inside the pin/bush area. Manufactured to ISO 606 DIN8187, this British Standard Drive chain is pre-loaded, has seamless rollers and comes marked with a production batch code number for complete traceability. This Drive chain is pre-lubricated by default, special lubricants for high or low temperatures, food applications or specific environments are available. All Donghua chains are sealed in plastic bags and packed in cardboard boxes with clear descriptions and safety instructions according to ISO 606 DIN8187 Standard packaging size is 5 meters per box, reels are available on request.

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Image of 10010B-1OR Technical Image of 10010B-1OR