20A-3 Donghua SP (Super Power) drive chain

Donghua SP drive chain dimensions are identical to those of the standard ANSI Series drive chains. The special design of the Donghua SP link plate delivers exceptional performance. the pitch holes are critically formed, ball drifted and the pins are through-hardened for greater shock resistance (25% to 30%). The Donghua SP drive chain offer 10% higher tensile strength than the equivalent size standard ANSI Series roller chain. The Donghua SP drive chains can be used to replace the next larger pitch size of standard ANSI Series, making them ideal for applications where chain space is limited. Suitable for low speed operating conditions of up to 50 m/min. Manufactured to ISO 606 DIN8188, this ANSI Drive chain is pre-loaded, has seamless rollers and comes marked with a production batch code number for complete traceability. This Drive chain is pre-lubricated by default, special lubricants for high or low temperatures, food applications or specific environments are available. All Donghua chains are sealed in plastic bags and packed in cardboard boxes with clear descriptions and safety instructions according to ISO 606 DIN8188 Standard packaging size is 5 meters per box, reels are available on request.

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Image of 100100-3SP Technical Image of 100100-3SP