Competence Center

Donghua International BV is specialized towards engineering, construction, assembly of specials, cutting, refining of intermediate products, supplying chain systems, warehousing, logistics and technical support. Following our Chinese hertage we are always very flexible and available ot listen to our customers needs. Top engineers en products specialists are available and are supporting daily, original equipment manufacturers and our partners in the repleacment market.

Our workshops offer you:
– Engineering capacity (production drawings, 3D drawings and constructions)
– Transmission drive calculations (bearing area-, fatigue-, breaking load-, and life time calculations)
– Assembly and pre-assembly
– Mounting of attachments, extended pins, paddles, slats and customer specific components
– Fit to shaft bores for sprokets according to customer specifications
– Special lubricants or re-lubrication according to customer specifications
– Putting together Kits for KAN-Ban planning and production
– Production of official certificates and technical reports including matched length measurements and  tolerances